Entry #4

Remind me to join the blam squad...

2011-03-09 12:05:53 by RPLTKO

I know we are an open community that tries to be supportive of each-others works, but I really wonder how some of this shit gets past the BLAM, y'know? With all the awesome things going on, there also seems to be a group of people who perpetuate crap on this site, which I think is unfortunate. There is a solution & that is to BLAM the shit out of useless posts.



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2011-03-09 12:14:49

Newgrounds: EVERYTHING by EVERYONE. I agree, some things that get posted are downright shit-worthy, but you don't have to give it the time of day. Ah, the perpetuaters of crap, commonly known as n00bz. At times a pesky bother, and other times, possibly on the verge of better produced work in the future. That's what's so great about this site! In most regards, it's free game for anybody. And hey, I totally get the annoyance towards seemingly incessantly-flowing bull plop. But with the good, there must also come the bad. No better thing to do than to deal with it, really.

RPLTKO responds:

Good point. With the all inclusive approach we do have to essentially accept everything... but I say screw that! There comes a time where the society should police itself, less it fall completely to chaos. Like the Roman coliseum, lets vote away the n00bz to the Lions Den!

I know, I know... look at how well it treated the Romans...

Thanks for your comment!


2011-03-17 09:07:19

Hey thanks for your rant. it's been a big problem with the newgrounds site. if the dumb movies didn't exist i think my old movies would have stood more of a chance.

RPLTKO responds:

My pleasure DD-Y93. Heres hoping you keep submitting great stuff & if you need any free voice acting let me know!

Thanks for your comment!