A few auditions in the can!

2011-03-08 03:03:09 by RPLTKO

Well, I managed to get to my studio to record a few auditions for some VA roles. Read for a Star Trek animation & did an english voiceset for Kyo Kusanagi of King of Fighters fame. It was kinda funny having the guys at the gym passing my studio totally confused at the sounds that come out of the office, but I had a helluva good time doing it.

I may as well mention that my studio is housed at RAW Academy, a mixed martial arts academy in Vancouver, BC. Its a pretty awesome spot to train if you're into that sorta thing. They're focused on the four main arts of boxing, muay thai, jujitsu and wrestling & the coaches there are second to none. Proof is in the pudding as well - RAW Academy has been pumping out the local champions.

Being good friends with the owner, I base most of my non-banking related business out of there. Its been a good space for me to pursue a variety of ventures & now that they are starting to come to a head its nice to see that I have a great place like RAW to do stuff like scream my head off into a mic and try to get paid for it!

To anyone who is interested, I have uploaded my Kyo English Voice Set to Newgrounds (pending approval as I am still a n00b). You can check it out here*LINK* as soon as A-Bot gets it up.

A few auditions in the can!


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