Building my Demo Reel, Quick List of Goals for the Year, Etc

2011-03-07 03:27:33 by RPLTKO

I am about 12 hours away from recording a few auditions for some projects as well as a few bits for my voicereel/voicedemo! Im pretty excited to finally try my hand at something I've wanted to do for a long time. Its amazing that my projects seem to all be gaining momentum right now & it's nice to be working at something that I really enjoy.

Just a little backgrounder on me, I currently work for a credit union. I help people with their investments and get loans. Is this my asperation in life, to help people with their finances? No. But it allows for a certain lifestyle, certain creature comforts that I've grown accustom to and the like. What was the Nurenberg defence? Im doing it for the mortgage? Something like that I suppose.

But now, with many irons in the fire, I am finding two things - that I actually enjoy my day to day work so far as it's allowed me to develop a professionalism that will help me down the road, and that my hard work in other areas is finally panning out! But I digress...

I have surfed around the NG forums & find it interesting that I havent been able to find decent threads regarding voicework on the site. This is a FLASH ANIMATION SITE and it seems most artists would rather voice their own works. This is obviously all fair and good, however it does make things a little more difficult when trying to get my goal of 100 hours of free voice work completed!

Speaking of goals, here are some Flash & VA related goals of mine for the rest of 2011. If any of these goals equals me helping your project out please let me know!

- Create a Voice Acting Demo for flash projects
- Create a Voice Acting Demo for broadcast related ad spots (Radio, etc)
- Complete 100 free hours of practical voice work
- Build up a network of like-minded professional artists looking to do fun & challenging work
- Voice Act in a Front Page featured Flash on Newgrounds
- Voice Act for a Fighting game (Might tick that one off my list if my audition pans out)
- Voice Act in some form of Megaman Fan Project
- Write, draft initial designs and storyboard an original 4 part series for either Newgrounds or Youtube

I figure with a little bit of work every week, these goals are not impossible.

Please dont hesitate to leave your comments below! I welcome any advice or opinions, so long as your not too much of a Troll about it!



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