Entry #1

Im finally on Newgrounds!

2011-03-04 02:39:39 by RPLTKO

Well I have been a Newgrounds fan for a LONG time, and I have no idea why I didn't sign up sooner. Maybe my general lazyness? Quite possibly.

For those who may be reading this I have been a podcaster for the past year or so, working on shows like MMASuckaRadio, RawEdgeRadio & Vancouver Uncorked. (Trust me its unlikely you know any of them). As Vancouver Uncorked is in the process of being concepted for TV I thought I'd pursue another avenue for my creativity - Voice Acting!

I dont have a Voice Acting demo up, but I do have plenty of examples of my voice from either me hosting my various podcasts or from previous recordings I've done as a singer/songwriter. I would love to audition for whatever roles are out there & have professional recording gear (SM58, Behringer USB Mixing Board, etc). I will slowly upload my things on Newgrounds as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this & I hope this is the start of many posts to come!



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