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Allow me to introduce myself! I am a Podcaster, a Voice Actor, a Singer & a Banker! I am looking to do 100 free hours of voice work to build a demo reel. I figure there is no better place to start than at Newgrounds! Let me help you with your project!

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Posted by RPLTKO - March 9th, 2011

I know we are an open community that tries to be supportive of each-others works, but I really wonder how some of this shit gets past the BLAM, y'know? With all the awesome things going on, there also seems to be a group of people who perpetuate crap on this site, which I think is unfortunate. There is a solution & that is to BLAM the shit out of useless posts.


Posted by RPLTKO - March 8th, 2011

Well, I managed to get to my studio to record a few auditions for some VA roles. Read for a Star Trek animation & did an english voiceset for Kyo Kusanagi of King of Fighters fame. It was kinda funny having the guys at the gym passing my studio totally confused at the sounds that come out of the office, but I had a helluva good time doing it.

I may as well mention that my studio is housed at RAW Academy, a mixed martial arts academy in Vancouver, BC. Its a pretty awesome spot to train if you're into that sorta thing. They're focused on the four main arts of boxing, muay thai, jujitsu and wrestling & the coaches there are second to none. Proof is in the pudding as well - RAW Academy has been pumping out the local champions.

Being good friends with the owner, I base most of my non-banking related business out of there. Its been a good space for me to pursue a variety of ventures & now that they are starting to come to a head its nice to see that I have a great place like RAW to do stuff like scream my head off into a mic and try to get paid for it!

To anyone who is interested, I have uploaded my Kyo English Voice Set to Newgrounds (pending approval as I am still a n00b). You can check it out here*LINK* as soon as A-Bot gets it up.

A few auditions in the can!

Posted by RPLTKO - March 7th, 2011

I am about 12 hours away from recording a few auditions for some projects as well as a few bits for my voicereel/voicedemo! Im pretty excited to finally try my hand at something I've wanted to do for a long time. Its amazing that my projects seem to all be gaining momentum right now & it's nice to be working at something that I really enjoy.

Just a little backgrounder on me, I currently work for a credit union. I help people with their investments and get loans. Is this my asperation in life, to help people with their finances? No. But it allows for a certain lifestyle, certain creature comforts that I've grown accustom to and the like. What was the Nurenberg defence? Im doing it for the mortgage? Something like that I suppose.

But now, with many irons in the fire, I am finding two things - that I actually enjoy my day to day work so far as it's allowed me to develop a professionalism that will help me down the road, and that my hard work in other areas is finally panning out! But I digress...

I have surfed around the NG forums & find it interesting that I havent been able to find decent threads regarding voicework on the site. This is a FLASH ANIMATION SITE and it seems most artists would rather voice their own works. This is obviously all fair and good, however it does make things a little more difficult when trying to get my goal of 100 hours of free voice work completed!

Speaking of goals, here are some Flash & VA related goals of mine for the rest of 2011. If any of these goals equals me helping your project out please let me know!

- Create a Voice Acting Demo for flash projects
- Create a Voice Acting Demo for broadcast related ad spots (Radio, etc)
- Complete 100 free hours of practical voice work
- Build up a network of like-minded professional artists looking to do fun & challenging work
- Voice Act in a Front Page featured Flash on Newgrounds
- Voice Act for a Fighting game (Might tick that one off my list if my audition pans out)
- Voice Act in some form of Megaman Fan Project
- Write, draft initial designs and storyboard an original 4 part series for either Newgrounds or Youtube

I figure with a little bit of work every week, these goals are not impossible.

Please dont hesitate to leave your comments below! I welcome any advice or opinions, so long as your not too much of a Troll about it!


Posted by RPLTKO - March 4th, 2011

Well I have been a Newgrounds fan for a LONG time, and I have no idea why I didn't sign up sooner. Maybe my general lazyness? Quite possibly.

For those who may be reading this I have been a podcaster for the past year or so, working on shows like MMASuckaRadio, RawEdgeRadio & Vancouver Uncorked. (Trust me its unlikely you know any of them). As Vancouver Uncorked is in the process of being concepted for TV I thought I'd pursue another avenue for my creativity - Voice Acting!

I dont have a Voice Acting demo up, but I do have plenty of examples of my voice from either me hosting my various podcasts or from previous recordings I've done as a singer/songwriter. I would love to audition for whatever roles are out there & have professional recording gear (SM58, Behringer USB Mixing Board, etc). I will slowly upload my things on Newgrounds as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read this & I hope this is the start of many posts to come!